photo credit: Jacob Burckhardt

About the Foundation

The Amphion Foundation, Inc., founded in 1987 by Elliott and Helen Carter, was established to encourage the performance of contemporary concert music, particularly by American composers, through support to performing and presenting organizations that have demonstrated sustained artistic excellence, in addition to service organizations. The Foundation’s mission is carried out through its grant program.

The Foundation is also the principal legatee under the wills of Elliott and Helen Carter and has a special interest in supporting significant projects devoted to the music of Elliott Carter. For more information, please contact the Grants Manager.

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Board of Directors

President John Link
Executive Vice President Zizi Mueller
Vice Presidents Susan Feder
Virgil Blackwell
Secretary James M. Kendrick
Directors David Fulmer
Ara Guzelimian
Amy Iwano
Ursula Oppens
Amy Williams
Directors Emeritus Allen Edwards
Fred Sherry
In memoriam Elliott Carter
Helen Carter
Jean Bowen
Arthur Bullowa