Elliott Carter Special Grant Program

The Amphion Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce the first round of 2023 Elliott Carter Special Grant recipients. The Elliott Carter Special Grant Program was established in 2019 to support significant projects devoted to the music of Elliott Carter. Applications for the program are accepted on an ongoing basis and are reviewed twice annually in the spring and fall. The four selected projects for this round feature substantial activity involving the music of Elliott Carter at an exceptional level and include both live performances and recordings.  

sfSound, Carter 2x3: Triple/Double/Trios/Duos
A concert of chamber pieces by Elliott Carter in February 2024. Works to be performed include Double Trio, Triple Duo, Con Leggerezza Pensosa, Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux II, Rigmarole, and Sonata for Cello and Piano.

San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Asko Concerto performance and recording
A live performance of Asko Concerto in May 2024 to be professionally video recorded and made available online to the public. 

Aspen Festival, Festival performances of Elliott Carter’s music
Performances of Elliott Carter’s music at the festival, including an all-Carter program featuring Solo Figments; Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello, and Harpsichord; Enchanted Preludes; and Sonata for Cello and Piano, as well as a later performance of Three Poems of Robert Frost on another program.

Centaur Records, Duo for Violin and Piano release
The release of a historical recording by Rolf Schulte and Ursula Oppens of Elliott Carter’s Duo for Violin and Piano.

Administered by the Amphion Foundation, the Elliott Carter Special Grant Program is operated separately from the regular grantmaking activities of the Foundation. For more information about the Foundation and its programs, visit amphionfoundation.org. For further information about the music of Elliott Carter, visit elliottcarter.com.

The deadline for the next Elliott Carter Special Grant Program review period will be announced this fall.