Pop music is not supported. The Foundation’s emphasis is on contemporary concert music.


Opera and dance projects involving live performances of contemporary concert music are supported. Broadway-style musical theater projects are generally not supported.

In general, it is not within the scope of the Foundation’s mission to support jazz music.  Among organizations that fund jazz are the National Endowment for the Arts, The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Chamber Music America, and some programs of New Music USA.


Organizations that support composers and performers through grants, residencies, training programs, etc. or aid in the preservation and dissemination of contemporary concert music, are considered music service organizations.

Music festivals, music venues, and any other organization that organizes and presents live musical performances by a variety of performing groups can be considered a “presenting organization”.

Performing groups such as orchestras, opera companies and chamber music groups with a consistent core membership, as well as ”flexible” ensembles with consistent artistic leadership and identity, are considered performing ensembles. Dance companies are also eligible to apply for projects that involve live performances of contemporary concert music.

Please note that orchestras and opera companies that do not specialize in contemporary music are only eligible to apply for project support.


For the Foundation’s purposes, music written in 1960 or later is considered contemporary.

The Foundation considers a "project" to be out of the scope of an organization’s regular programming activities, often (but not necessarily) a one-off initiative that adds incremental expenses to your operating budget in order to achieve its goals.  An aggregated list of your contemporary music activities spread intermittently over the course of a season would not be eligible for project support.  Please explain how you will fund those aspects of the project expenses not covered by the Amphion Foundation in order to ensure the project can take place as envisioned.


The Foundation does not make grants to composers for commissioning new works. A good place for individual composers to research grant opportunities is The Foundation Center in New York City. The Foundation Center has an informative web site at www.fdncenter.org.